The series continues with todays comparison of Buyweed247 Versus Green Society in the online Cannabis retailer. We compare two of Canada’s biggest Cannabis online retailers. Let’s see how they compare….

BuyWeed247 vs Green Society: Product Selection

Green Society: Green society has a wide variety of different items. The vast selection is great for Canadian cannabis lovers across Canada. They carry a wide Varity of flowers, concentrates, edibles and many other products containing cannabis. With a huge selection comes easy navigation and pictures for proper representation. They have done a great job in displaying the products true look. They have a unique style like Colony group in the photos and layout of the photography. The hardest part was finding the flower as it is listed as the “green Room”. Once you et past that, this is a winning selection.

Green Society product selection is: 8 STAR SELECTION

BuyWeed247: BuyWeed247 product selection is a growing list that keeps on getting better. With the competition of all the online and brick and mortar cannabis dispensaries, the prices have been very competitive. Buyweed247 has done an outstanding job making sure that they stay ahead of the market with quality products at a quality cost.

BuyWeed247 vs Green Society: Prices

Green Society: Prices is a huge thing when it comes to being successful in any business, but Green society has set the benchmark for great value. As Canadians search for the best priced cannabis, they may not always find the best quality. Green society takes away both those worries with amazing prices and even better quality. The benchmark for what an online dispensary is very close to what these brands showcase.

Buyweed247: Pricing with these guys is no comparison. BuyWeed247 has done an amazing job on being the leading providers in quality pricing for Cannabis across the site. The various strains range from a high-end price of $180 MAX and a low price point of those $99 Ounces.

BuyWeed247 vs Green Society: Shipping

Green Society: Like every mom across Canada, shipping is the very crucial part of ordering inline cannabis. Green Society has many amazing shipping processes created to make sure your package is delivered with care. They say to place your order before 9 AM PST and we will ship your order same day! Make sure to pay early to ensure that your payment is processed before 10AM. Canada Post operates Monday to Friday only, so we do not ship packages out on the weekend. Feel free to make an order and pay as we will still be processing orders through the weekend.

BuyWeed247: When it comes to shipping, BuyWeed247 make it just as easy of Green Society. Using Canada post as the main shipping method, Canadians more inclined to feel safe with the trusted Canada Post. They charge a flat fee of 15$ or free shipping over 150$. Canada post express post allows customer to get there order within 2-3 business days.

BuyWeed247 vs Green Society: User Experience

BuyWeed247: The user experience at Buyweed247 is amazing with there customer service team ready to answer and support any questions you may have. These guys have done there very best in setting themselves apart from the rest and have done just that. The user experience is easy to use, simple layout with quality photos to showcase your cannabis choices.

BuyWeed247 vs Green Society: Summary

In the end, Buyweed247 is the right choice for Canadian consumers and the standout choice for customer service and over all quality product.

Until next time….

Choosing a MOM can be difficult in a market of over 2000 online services. How do you choose what’s right for you? is it safe? Yes, the two brands in todays article are not only safe but we will break down the best of the best… Buyweed247 Versus Cannabismo.

BuyWeed247 vs Cannabismo: Product Selection


Both companies seem to have a huge following with dye hard cannabis connoisseurs for the quality of cannabis stocked on the site. Cannabismo has been around for a few years being one of the originals in the online cannabis market. The stock up on very high, very potent indicas, hybrids and look out for the best sativas possible. The selection is compared to BuyWeed247 in the sense that they both pack quality product with quality prices.


Buyweed247 has an amazing selection of premier flower selections. They have brought in a wide variety of new products as they continue to corner the market with new deals such as newly launched “Gold Standard” program.

Now, let’s compare the prices at both dispensaries.

BuyWeed247 vs Cannabismo: Prices

With pricing being on the mind of the Canadian consumers, both companies leave candians feeling easy about the purchase and price selection of cannabis and cannabis related products. Cannabismo has very competitive pricing and an amazing points program. Buyweed247 is similar in many ways providing the best selection on edibles, Gold standard Flower, concentrates and so much more.

BuyWeed247 vs Cannabismo: Shipping

BuyWeed247 sends all their packages via Canada’s Xpresspost. They offer free shipping on all their orders; technically, you have to buy weed for, at least, $150 to get your package shipped without the fee, but since orders start at 1 ounce, it’s impossible not to breach that threshold. BuyWeed247 secures all transaction information on their servers, so your purchases are kept low-key.

At Cannabismo, free shipping starts at $199.99 You can choose your delivery options, Canada Post XpressPost (1-3 days). Your transactions and personal data are protected and monitored by DMCA.

BuyWeed247 vs Cannabismo: User Experience

When it comes to a user experience, oth sites have been super friendly and allow the the consumer to navigate to any page easy. Both have easy cart options and evry easy to check out. They both have set up creative ways

BuyWeed247 also educates cannabis users about the plant on their blog section. They regularly add valuable content, such as articles about the health benefits of weed, news regarding marijuana, strain reviews, and much, much more.

BuyWeed247 vs Cannabismo: Summary

In the end, Buyweed247 is the right choice for Canadian consumers and the stand ut choice for customer service and over all quality product.

Until next time….

Tetrahydrocannabinol, more commonly known as THC, is the molecule responsible for the hype around cannabis. Whenever there is a debate about the plant, it’s almost always about THC (until recently, when CBD exploded into cannabis-culture). THC is a molecule which historically was controversial, today there is a renewed interest in its colorful effects. More than ever before, people are curious about the intoxicating THC experience.

Over the last few decades, cannabis has gone through a revolution. Through a growing body of research, we have a deeper understanding of THC’s effects. We are starting to understand what happens inside the body when we consume THC, which has led to a shift of perspective. Cannabis isn’t the scary, vilified substance it once was – people are seeking it out, often for the very first time in their lives. With the increased interest comes questions like what is THC, and why does it have such an intoxicating effect in the human body?

What is THC?

There are at least 113 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, with more being discovered all the time. These compounds, known as ‘cannabinoids’, are responsible for many of the effects of the plant. Each strain contains a unique combination, leading to a unique experience when consumed.  

THC is the most famous cannabinoid, and it is classified as one of the two primary cannabinoids (the other being cannabidiol (CBD)). According to the research thus far, THC is the only cannabinoid responsible for the intoxicating feeling associated with the plant. In essence, THC is the “high”. Other cannabinoids and terpenes influence the sensations of the high, but it’s ultimately the THC which delivers the ‘high’ itself.

THC rich cannabis

What Happens to THC in Your Body?

All cannabinoids affect the human body through their interactions with the endocannabinoidsystem. This system works to keep the body (and mind)  balanced. The system manages your appetite, mood, memory, pain, and much, much more.

We’ve got two endocannabinoid receptors, the CB1 receptor is concentrated in the brain and central nervous system, and the CB2 receptors found mostly within immune cells and the digestive tract. Cannabinoids like THC, interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors by seamlessly integrating into our natural endocannabinoid system.

Usually, cannabinoids indirectly stimulate receptors to turn on or off.  THC is entirely different, as it forms a direct bond with our CB1 receptors. The connection is like a hand fitting into a glove or a key into a lock. This bond is why THC, and THC alone, stimulates the high or the altered state of mind.

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What THC Feel Like?

All cannabinoids are technically psychoactive. As in, they affect the brain. That doesn’t mean all cannabinoids trigger a high or an altered state of mind, but they can influence mood, memory, or stimulate physiological responses. So far, out of the dozens of documented cannabinoids – THC is the only molecule responsible for the ‘high’ associated with cannabis use.

You could also say that THC is what differentiates a recreational experience from a medicinal one. All cannabinoids may have a therapeutic benefit, but realistically, only THC has a  strong recreational use.

It’s a little hard to pinpoint a purely THC experience because people rarely use THC isolates (they’re currently illegal and very time consuming to make). Most often you consume THC alongside a medley of other compounds found in the plant, like secondary cannabinoids (CBD, THCV, and CBG) and terpenes (a helpful introduction to terpenes available here). Each compound plays a role in the final experience. They ‘re all working together to give the strain its individual characteristics.

That said, it’s safe to say that through its direct interaction with the CB1 receptor in the brain, THC does come with a few standard characteristics including stimulating an altered state of mind, elevated mood, increased appetite (commonly known as ‘the munchies’), and more. If you consume cannabis and experience a high – it’s safe to say that THC is involved.

A Brief History of THC

With the focus on THC for the majority of the plant’s recent history, you’d assume that THC was the first cannabinoid isolated by researchers. Interestingly, scientists only successfully isolated THC in the 1940s, after they’d isolated a still little studied cannabinoid called cannabinol (CBN).

We can actually thank the cannabis plant for the discovery of our endocannabinoid system. You know, the integral biological system regulating our mood, memory, pain, and inflammation. Researchers in the early 1990s were looking for the mechanisms behind the effects of cannabis on the human body. In their quest, they stumbled on the vast network of receptors and cells regulating a variety of our bodies systems. cannabis is why it was named endocannabinoid, meaning within (or internal) cannabinoid system.

guy smoking a joingt of cannabis

The Benefits of Full Spectrum Products

As mentioned, THC is very rarely consumed all alone. More often than not, cannabis in either raw or concentrated forms contains dozens of different compounds. It’s why some strains feel sleepy, and others energetic; how some are super-relaxing and others more sociable. Each unique combination of compounds leads to a multilayered experience.

This nuanced experience is due to a theory explored in depth by Ethan B. Russo, called the Entourage effect. The method examines how the recreational and medicinal benefits of the plant are greater (and deeper) than merely the sum of the individual compounds.

The most researched synergistic relationship is the one between THC and CBD. These two cannabinoids work together to influence the final experience. For example, more THC in a product means a stronger high, but add a little CBD, and the high is suddenly gentler with fewer adverse effects. Terpenes are also thought to have an interesting relationship to the final experience, although this research is just getting underway.

Cannabis is No Longer Just About THC

For the longest time, everyone looked for the highest THC levels. It seemed like the sole focus of the industry was to find the most “potent” strains of cannabis with the highest levels of THC. Today, we have a much deeper understanding of what makes cannabis enjoyable, and surprise! THC isn’t everything anymore.

Not everyone can handle high doses of THC. It’s often more pleasurable to find strains with exciting combinations of primary and secondary compounds than to get stuck on the level of THC. Many of the effects you are looking for, like the creativity or relaxation, actually come from the other compounds and not from THC.

Next time you are shopping for cannabis, know that THC plays a key role in the high but it isn’t the complete picture. Ask about CBD content, ask about terpenes, and you’ll get a better idea of how the strain will make you feel.

Ask your budtender to make recommendations based on the type of experience you are looking for. You may be surprised to hear them make suggestions not on the THC levels, but on the addition of other compounds. There is no doubt that THC is a powerful primary cannabinoid, but today we understand there is much more to the plant than just the level of THC.

BuyWeed247 vs Product Selection

Both companies have a wide variety of amazing products for quality pricing.
offers a huge selection of strain and various other products. They have been in
the MOM industry for quite some time. With customer service being main priority, is different from any other mom.


BuyWeed247 doesn’t have the large wide variety of inventory but
has nailed the look and feel with the picture presentation. Buyweed247 product
selection is strategically picked and verified for quality assurance. 247 brings
in the very best for ounce variety in a bulk selection.

Now, let’s compare the prices at both dispensaries.

BuyWeed247 vs Prices

As every brand is competing for the best prices, Buyweed247 and
have done the best in bringing cheap and great quality cannabis to the consumers
of Canada. has one of the largest selections of Cannabis. They have spent a
lot of time trying and perfecting the inventory list of products brought in. Cheepweed
has a great selection of all sativas, Hybrids and indica.


These guys have been brining in some of the best cannabis consumers have
been asking for. With wide variety of strains such as award-winning Lindsay Og,
Pineapple express and many other strains available for bulk purchases. These
guys specialise in bulk cannabis sales and also tailor to single ounce and
consumer orders. These guys have taken the cake of what it is to be a quality

BuyWeed247 vs Shipping

BuyWeed247 sends all their packages via Canada’s Xpresspost. They offer free
shipping on all their orders; technically, you have to buy weed for, at least,
$150 to get your package shipped without the fee, but since orders start at 1
ounce, it’s impossible not to breach that threshold. BuyWeed247 secures all
transaction information on their servers, so your purchases are kept low-key.

At, free shipping starts at $199.99 You can choose your
delivery options, Canada Post XpressPost (1-3 days).

Recently, experience issues with packages coming to customers
empty, thus sparking a huge debate on popular subreddit r/canadianmoms. They have
recently reached out to customers and have started the right track in replacing
orders seized and or contents stolen from the box from Canada post staff. is on the right track to once again being Canadians premier
cannabis leader.

BuyWeed247 vs User Experience

Let’s start with this time. If you’re a recreational marijuana
user, then we have great news for you…  you are approved. You must be 19+
for both companies. If you are not a member, you can register and the guys at
will help you get set up.

Hopefully, all recreational users can count on BuyWeed247. Their website is
very neat, transparent, and above all, doesn’t distinguish between medical and
marijuana users. Of course, they have discounts for veterans and they also
stress the importance of medical marijuana, but nobody tells you to create an
account in order to buy something from them, let alone compare the prices of
weed with different dispensaries.

BuyWeed247 also educates cannabis users about the plant on their blog
section. They regularly add valuable content, such as articles about the health
benefits of weed, news regarding marijuana, strain reviews, and much, much

BuyWeed247 vs Summary

In this clash, the victory goes to BuyWeed247. Their product selection,
awesome prices and sales deals, along with their openness to both recreational
and medical marijuana users make this dispensary superior to in
our opinion. Don’t get us wrong, has some top-notch buds in stock
and MMJ patients will be delighted about their assortment. We think
is great, you guys let us know!

Time will tell.


The Best Way to Store Your Cannabis and Preserve its Quality

When it comes to cannabis, we tend to focus on how to get it. But how to do keep it in great condition once we’ve got it? There are a few old tricks we are happy to share with you, and we’ll clarify some cannabis storage myths while we’re at it.  

There are four major factors to consider when trying to preserve your bud; light, humidity, heat, and time. If you keep these four variables relatively under control you can increase the shelf life of your cannabis by months. Yes, we said it, months!

How Does Light Damage Cannabis?

Cannabis is a plant (obviously) and can be heavily altered with long periods of light exposure. Light transfers energy, and with enough energy transferred light will degrade organic material. When cannabis degrades it takes away the terpenes that provide you with the great unique flavors of cannabis. Degradation also means drier cannabis and less THC and CBD available, meaning that your cannabis will be dry, burn to fast, not taste good, and not get you the desired affects you bought it for in the first place.  

How to Prevent Light Damage for your Cannabis

It’s very simple- keep your cannabis out of the light. Most research shows that cannabis is best stored in glass jars. This eliminate cross contamination due to the ease of cleaning a glass jar, and it has no porous openings. The problem? Most glass is clear; the solution would be to keep it in a dark cupboard or the top shelf of a closet. Or if you’re in New Brunswick, under lock and key. This strategic placement will do wonders for preserving your cannabis, while also keeping it out of the reach of children. Another option would be to get dark, tinted or colored glass. The containers and bags that your purchased cannabis comes in are all dark, and relatively air tight, but we do suggest that if you’re ordering a lot or often that you invest in a storage set up. These baggies or containers do work to keep light out and are a great option until you can get a storage set up. Lets be honest, the laws around labeling cannabis have made having pretty containers or bags a no go for producers so they aren’t exactly “easy on the eye” and it creates a lot of clutter having multiple baggies and containers laying around.  

How Do Humidity and Air Effect Cannabis?

Air can be very drying, which is why air exposure and humidity go together. If you don’t purchase a lot of cannabis at a time, one of the easiest ways to help control the air flow and humidity is to make sure you purchase an appropriately sized glass jar. If you are purchasing a gram at a time, it’s could be considered excessive to store it in a massive mason jar. The goal is to eliminate air circulation around the bud. Less air circulation means reduced drying, which will preserve the terpenes and overall original quality of your cannabis.

How do I Control Cannabis Hummidity?

If you read one step, read this one. Overly-dry cannabis burns hot and fast, tastes horrible, and most importantly wastes a lot of the cannabinoids and terpenes in your plant. At the same time, wet cannabis has potential to mold and doesn’t burn evenly either! Luckily the innovative stoners of the world (blessed) have created many two-way humidity control packs like Boveda and Integra Boost. Two-way means that if the cannabis is to humid it will extract the humidity, while if it’s too dry it will infuse humidity, which is great and impressive. Both of these companies provide “relative humidity” percentages and varying sizes. This will help you choose how big of a humidity pack you want for your varying-sized jars or government containers. Once you become more experienced with controlling the humidity of your cannabis, you can play around with the level of humidity you are trying to reach! If you are new to humidity control for cannabis and don’t know where to start, 62% humidity is a relatively common humidity level.

How Do Heat and Temperature Damage Cannabis?

Seeing how all of the consumption methods for cannabis involve, at some point, heating up the bud to cause decarboxylation, it is clear that heat not only can change the quality of bud but can also do so rapidly. We aren’t going to explain decarbing here, but it is fascinating and a great topic to research so feel free to check out our blog on it. Heat changes and degrades the cannabinoids and compounds within cannabis. Storing your cannabis in a hot area will accelerate this process and essentially “cooks” your cannabis. If you have a jar of bud in a window or next to heat then it’s in its own little oven, slowly cooking away all of the good terpenes and cannabinoids you want!  

How does Time Damage Cannabis?

Last but not least we have the slow killer of all good things in the world, time. Drama aside, over time, the elements will eventually degrade your cannabis. Cannabinoids over time degrade and turn into other cannabinoids or eventually disappear. How long do you have? If you have followed our advice and have taken good care of your bud, well stored cannabis will stay good for at least 6 -10 months. That being said, if your cannabis is on its last leg, try turning it into an edible oil, cookies or even a topical. Putting it into an oil or a topical will ooze as much goodness out of it and waste as little as possible. You’ll get far more from your old bud in an alternative form than if you smoked it. It would also, be a lot more enjoyable.

How to Store your Cannabis Successfully

TL;DR: Store your cannabis in an appropriately sized glass jar that is either tinted or stored in a dark, cool spot for it with a humidity pack and lid for the best storage results.  

Follow these general guidelines for storing your cannabis and you’ll be able to start storing your cannabis for longer. The best part? Your cannabis will taste way better WAY longer and get you feeling the effects just as much as it did the first day you got it, that’s a win!

As always, start low go slow and get in touch with us through our social channels and show us your storage set up, we love connecting with you guys.