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Gold Seal Flavoured Hash ( Assorted Flavours )

    (3 customer reviews)

    Mid-tier hash with a soft malleable consistency and earthy flavor profile. The ‘high’ is light and talkative with an added flavour that is differnt from standard black hash. The strength is mid-level intensity high and a great choice for day-time pain management as it won’t leave you groggy.


    Available in a wide varieity of flavours.


    Gold seal hash has taken over the value brand hash market! The people have spoken, and gold seal is expanding their hash game. These flavours smell just like their names, its there in the smoke too.


    3 reviews

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    1. dockpro1980 (verified owner)

      Smells good,good high,nice price,they were out of regular gold seal so i took cake batter,no regrets

    2. Derek (verified owner)

      I tried the tropical flavor and enjoyed it emensely. I haven’t tried the other flavors as of yet but what would be nice is having just the regular gold seal with the flavor of gold seal just like it tasted years ago when hash was King and it owned the market.(anyone else remember these days?)The choice to buy unflavored natural gold seal would be greatbecause whIle smoking it,it takes me back to a time when life seemed so much easier.It’s a beautiful thing……Cheers

    3. benjamin

      I have now tried the mango, and cookie dough. I just order cake batter and I am stoked! HAs anyone tried the troical Fruit punch? everything is great!

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