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Gold Seal Hash

    (10 customer reviews)
    $112.50 - $140.00 /

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    10 reviews

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    1. Namster

      This is the best hash i ever had, super cheap price

    2. samanthashuck

      great hash, nice smell

    3. mct

      nice stuff ! cheapest pricing i ran by. the cheap price sure doesn’t effect the quality of the product thats forsure.

    4. Yves (verified owner)

      Just receive it…old timer,73years, smoke a lot of H,…real good one ,not to heavy and very active,
      Hard to believe,…. the price is like when was young in the ‘70, A real..real good deal..,will be back soon..LOVE

    5. dockpro1980 (verified owner)

      Wow,i was not expecting much for this price,not too ruff on the throat,nice day time high,will buy again

    6. crazzy2.rj

      well, I have a question for the hash smokers is it the same as back in 80s iam thinking of getting some on my next purchase??


      Awesome hash will buy again

    8. Tammy Robinson

      Excellent quality for the price. Very sweet taste and smooth as well. Always fast, friendly and professional staff and service. These guys are the best on the market and they never disappoint

    9. davepolicelli

      Got a gram of this stuff last order and the quality is really there!
      Not a huge hashish guy but I put this stuff in
      My joints and blunts and it gives me that extra kick when I need it.
      100 % recommend
      Thanks guys

    10. uyarakti (verified owner)

      Very good Hash!! nice buzz, good taste. It’s like when I first started smoking up!! I recommend you buy hash!! the price is unbeatable. will try another hash sometime. 😀

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