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Fast shipping, excellent stuff

5.0 rating
October 7, 2019

I bought bottom bag and gorilla glue trim.
I made brownies and muffins, they are so strong ! About 250mg/muffin or brownie !!!
Higly recommended them !


Bonus points had me sold

5.0 rating
August 31, 2019

With all of the different moms out there it’s hard to find one that you enjoy consistently. I have bounced between a few but this is one of the few ones that not only has budget deals semi bulk and other concentrates it also offers points. Many mom’s may have a one or two of those extra bonuses but not compare the to buyweed247

Heather @dreadfully_whacked

My new go to place

5.0 rating
July 30, 2019

Super fast shipping
Good pricing
Good product
I am making this place my new store
You should too


Great site

5.0 rating
July 25, 2019

Very nice buds always gets me stoned it’s not dry when it comes in. very fast shipping. And it’s all for a very great price